Slavery’s NOT Dead

An Epidemic, modern day slavery. 143 years prior to the 13th amendment, the abolition of slavery;according to the Walk Free Foundation “there are 27 million slaves in the world”. This number being at an all time high. Many of these people whom are held captive in slavery are born into it, not even given a chance to make something of themselves. Those who aren’t native born slaves are kidnapped or lured and forced into it with no way to escape. Many children who are enslaved are forced into it by their families, the children work in households of rich or wealthy families in return for a place to live and a meager form of food provided. Those who try to escape this sort of slavery more than less end up on the street and end up being traffic and quit often sexually exploited. Many come from Haiti and end up in the United States or other parts of the Caribbean.child-slave-690x450

In the “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas”, it states that those (meaning slaves) who try to flee from their masters are punished severely. After being punished the slaves would be returned to their master or transferred to a new one, much like those who try to escape modern day slavery. There are young children who are exploited all across the world, these children from they day they were born never even stood a chance of making a life for themselves worth living. Never given the opportunity to create a life of their own.

We live our lives dreading the weekday, waking up early, dealing with long hour days, going home to even more work to be done just to start over again in the morning. Never do we stop for a minute or even a couple seconds to think about how lucky we are that these are our biggest struggles/worries. Families are forced to send their children into slavery to provide “a better life” for them only to ensure that they have a place to sleep and only the essential amount of food to stay alive and able to work.

After reading, and learning more about slavery today in the world it has inspired me to do anything and everything n my power to help prevent such things from happening, not only preventing the situation but also relieving those who are now in this predicament of slavery; especially those who don’t have a voice in the world.


A Day At School

Voices, I heard the loud obnoxious yelling of little freshman as i drove up to school. Voices, I heard my teacher screaming about nonsense as I walked into class first period. Voices, I heard my friends yelling my name as i walked into second period. Voices, I heard the loud pitter patter of all the kids scurrying to class as if they were cattle. Cattle, I noticed is what we are; we’re herded from one place to another at the sound of a bell as if we are animals trained to do so. So thats what we do, we allow ourselves to be trained to do this and hat and never do ewe question what we are doing because it is now second nature. School, where we somewhat learn; school, where we meet new people; school, where we hear new voices; school where we live most our lives.

The Adventure of all Adventures


Their she was just sitting there, her best friend sat directly across from her just giving his usual cheeky smile. Laughing at his small yet ginormous cheeks she couldn’t help but smile. Planning there next adventure is what they were doing, but this wasn’t going to be just any adventure this was going to be the adventure of all adventures. It had to be bigger and better than any before, bigger than the random cliff jumping adventure or the weird trip into the “tunnel” under ground near one of our houses or even our climb down the giant rocks at crystal cove. Suprisingly theyvagreed on a place, they were going to drive all the way to Arizona and hike through any where and every where. Once they were out and about hiking the deserts of Arizona they realized they were lost in the depths of no where they were tired and thirsty. Out of water they had no idea what to do, they were stuck in the middle of nothing hopeless waiting for help to arrive. 

Lost in Something 


The world we live in, the world where you go to “new trendy” places, places which have been around forever but you’re just now hearing about it; JUST to get the “perfect” shot. By shot I mean photo, the photo which you use to post on every single social media site  with an oh so overused caption  that nobody really cares about. This isn’t meant to demean those who do this or to make you feel like taking the picture of the back of you facing an amazing piece of art which you don’t even really care about is wrong , it’s meant to push you into focusing on your surroundings and to turn you into an observer. The next time you go out instead of asking others to take pictures of you, or instead of focusing on taking your prime aesthetically pleasing picture for your Instagram look around and take in what’s going on maybe take candids of those who inspire you. The photos below were taken from two different trips to a newly opened museum in Los Angeles called The Broad, they capture a couple of my favorite moments through out the day.  

  The concentration of the boy in this photo fills me with joy knowing that he was observing the painting for pure curiosity and not because someone was behind him capturing it happening (I’d just like to put out there that I do not even know this boy). I hope this has inspired you to go out and get lost in something, anything. Let yourself feel what’s around you and focus on the now.  

Zella Day, The Tambourine Queen


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Zella Day, the girl from Pinetop, Arizona. At the young age of 20 she has not only created music that makes you and all those around you feel elated, but has also written the utmost relatable lyrics that transfix an unexplainable feeling in you heart.  While her voice casts a spell of gaiety her music is magic, and one of a kind. 


The Last Book Store,LA


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There it was, smack dab in the middle of down town Los Angeles, The Last Book Store. While walking around downtown LA I looked up and suddenly my jaw dropped. Never have I seen anything like it, in a little corner hidden away; the entrance barely visible. Not even looking to see if it was okay to cross the street I ran (more of a gallop), across leaving everyone behind. Whilst walking through the doors I could feel my heart pounding and my cheeks so high I could barely see. To my left were the rare book section and records to my right, everywhere else I looked all I saw were books, books, and more books.          Filled with so many books I didn’t even know where to look. Scurrying around the store I made sure not to miss anything. While doing so I went upstairs, it was MAGICAL;  there were amazing different types of art; from sculptures to pastel to charcoal, to water-color never have I seen such a variety of different art styles in one place. After walking up the stairs if you go straight ahead you will see a book “tunnel” that seems to defy all the laws of gravity. Never could I have imagine something that must have taken so much time to put together and to arrange in a way that all the books would stay.            A fun spot for people of all ages, something for everyone to do and never get bored; The Last Book Store is definitely one of my new go to spots.